Michelle Piotrowski Design




My name is Michelle and I'm a recent graduate from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. 

Currently looking for my next opportunity and willing to relocate!

My internship experience was with the start-up company, Mason America; developers of custom hardware, software, and accessories for smartphones.  At Mason, I was exposed to work on all phases of the product design process.  I was also given the opportunity to design custom packaging for the "Wingtip" smartphone, which was later manufactured and sold.  I enjoyed taking initiative on this project, as well as effectively collaborating with the team.

“Have you seen my stapler?” – Milton, OfficeSpace

As an Industrial Design intern at ACCO Brands, a school and office supply company, I worked with a team of designers; this approach gave me a fresh perspective of how Industrial Design contributes to a corporation on a larger scale. 

When I am not working on design, I am passionate about skiing, snowboarding, and summer sports. My next adventures could include skydiving, white-water rafting, and traveling.