Michelle Piotrowski Design

Waffle Maker

In this senior studio, the goal was to design an existing product within the "housewares" category. Waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods, however they can be time consuming and messy to make. This project solves these issues for waffle lovers, while designing with a specific brand in mind. 

Basic geometric shapes with complex surfacing were explored during the ideation process. The final design was 3-D modeled in Solidworks and rendered within Keyshot. Fresh waffles were made for the glamour shot, which were photographed and photoshopped into the rendering.

20-30 waffles were made for the final rendering shot. Different fruits, colored sauces, and patterns on the waffles were experimented with to create waffles that looked delicious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Waffles were sprayed with Scotch Guard to prevent the syrup from soaking into the waffle too quickly. Shaving cream was piped on instead of whipped cream since it stayed fluffier longer. Rough waffle edges were corrected with sand paper.  

The touchscreen displays how much time is left until your waffle is ready to eat. Waffle lovers can customize which graphic they like the most by tapping the LCD screen. Choose a graphic based on how you visually interpret information, whether minimally, directly, or in an abstract manner.